Modular Staging: Evolving the Game in Event Planning

Modular Staging: Evolving the Game in Event Planning

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The benefits of using a modular stage platform include its cost-effectiveness, fast and simple setup process, and its easy portability due to its lightweight building.

Modular staging provides modification alternatives due to its fast and effortless assembly process. This flexibility allows it to work as a separate, portable phase or be incorporated into a currently existing phase system.

Why Opt For Modular Staging

Modular staging system offers an unique and adaptable solution for producing adjustable, portable platforms that can be easily assembled and taken apart without the need for tools. Its flexibility makes it ideal for a large range of occasions and places, consisting of school productions and business functions. Although light-weight, these modular phases are extremely tough and reputable, supplying a safe and secure and steady platform for any event.

Whether momentary or irreversible, modular phase systems can have, among the available options, different surface finishes depending on each particular need and may come in different styles.

The series of removable phase system is provided total with frames, decks, access steps, storage trolleys and accessories and are available in three basic heights or bespoke heights on demand.
Practical and basic, the outcome is a flexible staging service that can adapt to independent stage configuration layouts through shape or size changes.

Transform your space with a modular staging kit!
As simple as these three steps.
1. Set out your frames
2. Include the tie plates (to protect and level the frames).
3. Place the lightweight decks onto the frames and add plugs to complete the construct!


In addition to frames and decks, we provide a large range of accessories to complete your modular staging. These include skirting, fascia, access ramps, safety hand rails and actions.

The best place can Modular Staging be utilized?

Modular Staging is great for:.
Community and even Village Halls.
Dance and physical fitness classes.
Industrial companies.
Pubs and also clubs.
Hotels and conference centres.
Churches and also places of worship.
Schools, institution of higher learnings.
Drama and media studios

Modular staging is an ideal solution for a range of settings due to its versatility and easy setup. Community and town halls can significantly take advantage of it, offering a flexible area for activities and events. It can also supply a strong and adaptable platform for dance and fitness classes. Business services, bars, and clubs can use modular staging to boost their occasion spaces or develop special environments. Similarly, hotels and conference centres can utilize it to accommodate numerous functions and events. Churches and places of worship can employ modular staging for services or special spiritual events. Educational institutions like schools, institution of higher learnings can utilize it for lectures, performances or ceremonies.

Lastly, drama and media studios can make the most of the versatility that modular staging offers for various productions and jobs.

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